Why is scopely so quiet?

Too quiet. I sense something. Buggy releases, constant pushes of s class toons, I think scopely is panicking. They could just give us a mega compensation. 2 Choice boxes with premier toons Sherry, red negan, elle, Violet
Zach, Harrison, Green wayland, Yellow Lydia. 100k coins and 1 month sc trial.

This is a good compensation for what scopely had did. But why so silent? We deserve answers, An Apology, And compensation. Like ever since that article talking about the venturebeat that scopely responded too. They been real silent. So??? What’s up with that. Like we deserve to hear what’s going on. And a compensation for this. Like only a mega compensation can help. We deserve a official statement of what’s been going on after that response to that article.
Thank you.


Your world can and a burt are on the way.


You haven’t really spent money so not sure how you feel entitled to mega compensation as a result of the article. Makes no sense in that regard.

Compensation for bugs is normally pretty nominal. That being said they do have bugs all the time so you’d literally be getting compensation daily if that were the case. Also, scopely even has issues with issuing compensation, so there’s that too.

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September 26th oh wait…


It’s just a suggestion to people who did. I did spend for your fact. Just not much (My bank charges a 3.00 withdrawal transfer whenever I make purchases) Im not just asking for shit. People who spent money owes mega compensation from scopely. Like that 1k war tokens and 1.250 coins was good (Except the coins had a issue too) Like we feel disappointed. Like to be honest. I didn’t get a 6 star (Been playing since 2018 november) and didn’t get a ascend from 5 star recruits until the DAY BEFORE THE WHEEL CHANGES (This was before they actual change the wheel after they announced it) I pulled a 5 star ascend green abe. And after the wheel change I pulled yvette. Meaning. All those pulls I did was nothing.

For example. Someone told they pulled 4 6* on sc trial.
But all I pull is shitty 4* stars with no idea of their existence.
Like that odds shit was true

They don’t respond to butthurt cries which means they’re panicking…lmao

The players seem more panicked than anyone. Posts like this prove it. Get a clue bruh.

Im not butthurt just trying to make a topic but Im too focused on schoolwork

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Im not panicked. Scopely could be panicked.

As usual… LG says it best.

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Lol you can call it what you want. So focused on school work you type out two full paragraphs full of useless cries.

Player behavior on the forums recently really makes me wonder how they’re currently making it through life.

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You said us in your original post. You’re not a mega spender. The $3 transfer fee is on you and doesn’t count as spending to scopely. You also said you spent for SC. People who are pissed are those that strictly bought coins for premier pulls. It’s different.

The rest of your post describes in game currency earned through the game so I don’t think you’re owed anything there.

And how would anybody be owed anything above what they spent? There’s no pain and suffering here there’s no bodily harm. If anything at all was actually done wrong which also has not been proven you Only have the ability to be made full.

Another way people are acting with the threats with a running out and getting refunds why should the company give anything back. That’s not a question that is a statement.

Both community managers are out of the office now. Other people are making posts, but that’s in addition to their normal workload. That’s why there aren’t as many posts this week.

A statement was made. My own gut feeling (not based on anything anyone has said to me) is that they’re not going to argue with players who want to argue about it, they’re moving on, and no comp is coming.


I’m all for saying Scopely sucks but you guys are getting ridiculous with what you have been asking for. #icecreamfridays


company should give everything back bcz according to their senior vice presedent scopley lied to their customers right… and since you are scopley emplyee i am not surprused you hve to defend scoply in every thread people make here.

But who says that statement is tru ,you dont send a vp to a event and if he represents there company and slipt his tong ,then its whoops.we dont discuss it lets move.on sounds fishy

They should give everything back that people have used for the last few years? The people that enjoyment out of? I’m not quite sure what they should give back. Oh wait they should give back everything because you’re entitled to get everything for free?

No one said above. It was to be made whole or less than whole which would be compensation in a non monetary form.

Nothing to argue when it’s that bad of a statement. Anything said (read explanation), is going to be garbage and shooting themselves in the foot more so yeah, I’d keep quiet too.


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