Why is Scopely putting up nonsensical desperate offers for non-ascendable 5-stars


20 dollars for legacy green Negan and a random weapon pull? Seriously?

Too bad none of the decision makers at the company seem to understand that they could make more money by treating the players better, rather than just throwing out ridiculous offers in the shop and hoping for sales.


These offers are for all players, an offer that a new player would buy may not apply to you, and an offer a 3 year vet would buy may not apply to a brand new player that has no use for the materials or gear


Don’t buy it. They have said multiple times that they do cater deals for different types of players. Hence the $36 for a boat load of 5/6-stars for some and $100 bucks for a 3/4 of a pull for vets. So no vet with 30+ 6-stars should be seeing this turd.

This deal is crap and you know it. At least put in the ascendable green negan for Pete’s sake and maybe it would have some minor value to someone because as it stands it’s a joke. Especially when they are also offering ascendable Carl and Mira for $5 bucks each.


True and irrelevant.

The offer is garbage to players of all levels.

New players would be better off going for 5 star tokens or WF Wheel pulls.


Super not even relevant because they can put special offers in new regions like the 3 year token pulls and some other stuff in the past they’re advertising this to players of all levels for 0 reason


Good one buddy :roll_eyes: and no one can ever make a new account in an old region right? give your head a shake


nobody really does tho would be pointless cause the offers so shit lmao


Well I think they have to give all offers to everyone now remember last time they only gave it to a select amount of people?


I’m in a new region, and I wouldn’t mind that Negan.
Not for $20, though.
maybe 5 bucks and I’ll buy it.


Weren’t you the one who said 5* are useless and can’t be used at another Topic. Quick mind changer or what? :smirk:


Wtf would you do with such a useless toon ?
Unless you’re catching them all, I cant think of a situation where this trash would be some value.


Melee vs lydia stall

Gives all melee 30% attack bonus + VL ap bonus. You can get your rushes off before your opponent does if your other character have huge ap weapons.


lol yeah, it was its purpose back in 2016.
Nowadays, you’re more likely to get him oneshot 2nd turn and rush nothing !


Dont really need him to rush, the VL bonus gives your other 6* 38 ap charge each turn, 76 ap on turn 2, for a turn 3 rush. Wouldnt use him in war, since i prefer 240 dmg to 180 dmg. But in raids its decent.


Ok. So you dont need him.


He isnt useless as i just gave you a scenario in which he is useful.


Oh, man. Negan on sale after all the mich head heartbreak. I thought my wounds had healed from my failures in that event, but now it is all fresh again. #triggered :joy::joy:


These five stars are quite useless these day :frowning:

… But back in my days of course… So much money was spent on these characters (Michonne and Negan).
Especially Negan! Oh boi! Some people literally went bankrupt after spending a thousand or thousands of pounds/dollars/etc and they FAILED.
Oh the joy… (even I spent lots of money to get Negan AND I failed too) :slight_smile:


The leaderskil


Even better, the Negan offer is a toon that upset a lot of people when Scopely screwed them out of it in a collection.