Why is S-Class Renown Points the same as a 6* Toon?

So i could be wrong here but it seems that levelling up an S-Class toon Takes not just a FK-tonne more gear but each level needs more resources )i.e burts/Food etc) This is more telling when you hit past level 50 BUT why are the renown points in a level up the same as a 6* normal toon?

again i could be wrong but when im levelling up a 6* its a lot quicker to reach lets say level 50 than it is with an S-Class … (Ive not studied it hugely as im at an impasse on researching resource usage) it would seem more prudent to have the S-CLASS (Codename 7*) be raised in terms of levelling up points as it a completely new beast to the meta of the game

my 2 cents


More level = more points than a 6 star

Cause S Class is 6 star still?

It’s S-class so it’s meant to be harder to level up🤗

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but from a level up event perspective, it only pays to level up an S-Class using scav missions (Which seems to have dried up last 2 weeks or so)

Yea I’m about to send Christa off for YGL again. She’s Tier 2, level 74 right now.

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Double the 6 six renown for s class.

I had also been thinking that we should get points for using our rings on our maxed out guys as well.

I think we do but it is only like 1000 or less, I think.
Last level up I used a ring and seen my level up score go up just a bit. May have been just a delay in score though.

Rings give 15k per level. But they’re bugged. It’ll add to your score, but until you level a toon normally it won’t add on the leaderboard

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