Why is Red Clem a second place prize?


Scopely? Why would you do this to us? Lets consider the following about Clem

Awful AR + 58 AP unusable

Available In The Supply Depot

Was Available In 5☆ Tokens For A Long Time

Why? Just why? Out of all the toons you could’ve offered…

Toons like Derek, The Wanderer, Erin, Rose
Are some great toons for a 2nd place prize, they arent given out much and would be a great motivation to participate.

Red Clem is just… No… Please…


Because they considered it too troll to make her 1st place


I kept 1 maxed out Red Clem in hopes that Telltale will get an ascension.

Clem, Kenny, Carley, Omid need one :slight_smile:

P.S Still upset Molly and Chuck were only 4*


I will not even bother leveling on this event