Why is no one talking about this?


I can’t even finish the first one yet. :sob:


we were but someone made a topic before u man


i have the same problem


Because nobody now’s what “prerequisite” means? Idk :man_shrugging:





prerequisites (plural noun) · pre-requisite (noun) · pre-requisites (plural noun)

  1. a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.

“sponsorship is not a prerequisite for any of our courses”


necessary condition · precondition · condition · essential · requirement · requisite · necessity · proviso · qualification · imperative · basic · rudiment · obligation · duty · sine qua non · must




pre-requisite (adjective)

  1. required as a prior condition.

“the student must have the prerequisite skills”


necessary · needed · required · called for · essential · requisite · vital · basic · of the essence · indispensable · imperative · obligatory · mandatory · compulsory · de rigueur· needful


unnecessary · nonessential

There ya go. Who said the internet is only good for one thing. :grin:


Ok awesome now we know what it means, let the conversation begin!


Or die. :wink:. I mean at this point who here is actually shocked to see things never working as intended. Bugs are par for the course and for me a large part of the game’s charm. If they actually released anything with it working right out of the gate I for one would be saddened and frankly we would have nothing to talk about here on the forums.


The forums would be so boring if nothing ever went wrong


Im having the same problem with the road map


We are talking about this…


What is the prerequisite?

What do I need to buy?


the prerequisite is that u a dedicated player

I guess u are not


But but but I have all the premiers!

Surely I am dedicated.

Dedicated to being suckered. =-)


have u spend 100k on the game, if not get back in him mateeeeeeeee


100k pennies surely should be enough right?




I think someone said you have to do the days gone bye map first (as prerequisite) but I could be wrong. Energy too valuable on thursdays for those roadmaps so I haven’t tried.


Boring and real laziness on Scopely’s part. They modeled him exactly the same as 3* Rick, how stupid is that?


Gotta love the TBD LOL!



Since you have him. what is his stats?