Why is no job taking me

I know this irl shit but this is important to me
Since I started college I had been trying to find a part time job because quite frankly I need the money
But every job I have applied for I haven’t even got a email or a call back… Just blanked
My cv tells all the relitive information I’m applying for every job I could get into possible im litteraly that willing to work
And yet nothing
It’s actuallly kinda sad because I was planning to go to America for my 18th
And now I’m just sat 5 months to not going to be able to do fuck all
My provisional hasn’t come though and I’m still waiting for my mum to get my passport updated
I don’t think I have any chance at doing anything now for it and its pissed me off I wanna know why I’m not getting hired because its 2020 now I need a job I’ve been searching for too damm long

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Good luck

Yeah, best of luck. Not easy getting a first job with no experience. Keep trying and maybe get someone to look over your cv.

Any reason why you can’t do it yourself?

Maybe if you put inept, don’t pay attention to detail and lazy on your cv scopley will hire you…


find out where the recruitment agencies are based in your local area and go and register with each one

I’m sorry. The first job is the hardest to find. Do you apply to low level jobs like restaurants and stores? My first job was for subway. I’ve heard there’s a lot of openings world wide for telemarketers you can search and apply for those jobs online. My daughter did telemarketing for At&t for a long time, plus did online surveys, (she made $150+ a week) and every thing else she could find. She even worked selling cosmetics for a bit online. If you search online, look for ways to make side money, surveys, telemarketing, at home jobs, salesperson, if your not picky it should be ok. Best of luck to you!! I hope you find something soon.


You could try signing up with an agency, like pertemps, Reid, best connection, once your signed up just phone them on a regular basis to show your keen to work, local job centre could also help they usually have advisors who can help find employment, jobs might be crummy to start with but at least you get paid and could also gain experience and get references which help a lot in getting future employment. Or try getting an apprenticeship somewhere.

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There’s apps you can download to do surveys, play lottery, and even get paid to play games. You just have to read the reviews and make sure they pay out.

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Three card monte in the park and grift your way you to the big time like that bucket fellow

Also put your resume online like through monster or whatever companies are available to you online. That helps a lot.

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Sad thing is, companies small or large no longer hire people without the right experience and diploma through normal applications even if they have openings listed on their websites. They let this do by recruitment or staffing agencies.

If you live in a big town then get a haircut, a good outfit and then you go visiting companies, stores and all type of businesses you’re interested in to gain experience. Take your CV with you and simply ask to speak with somebody who is responsible for the hiring process in that company, the first impression is the most important and when they see you are even motivated to apply in person then this is the first step in the right direction.

Otherwise I could suggest to make an appointment with a job coach. Just to see what exactly is lacking. Get used to these experiences of always being disappointed. Make sure you stay positive nonetheless!

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Dude, if you are still young then do “work & travel” adventures. You can still go visit the US and A later in life. :wink:

How about military service? Doesn’t has to be cannon fodder. They can train you in all kind of specific professions which can be beneficial after your service later in life.

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Best way of getting a job is through who you know. You need to ask around. This is real life people btw. Not the ppl you meet online.

Also, get spell checking. If there are spelling mistakes in your cv, some employers will automatically put you in the « no » pile.

Join the military. I joined at 16 and am still enjoying it. Free medical and dental. Get to see the world. Decent wage and decent pension. Money for old rope.

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Fill out a scopely application they hire anybody

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Wait where do you live? It is sad but America is not the land of opportunity anymore, idk about other states but in mine, California, it is damn near impossible to find a normal job (one that isnt under the table/illegal) we have one of the largest homeless populations but we are like the 5th largest economy in the world (yes, i mean world. In the US, we are 1st) it is literally almost impossible to find a job, even at McDonald’s or something, no one is going to help you like the gov either, which is strange cause in economics classes i learned that the best thing for the economy is a strong middle class and i always thought, if someone is able to work (mentally and physically) why do we not help them get to work?

The system is backwards and it is failing, we live on a debt system and it can not last forever, yes it has worked so far (depending on who you talk to) but it isnt sustainable, the 1% getting more rich and the 99% getting more poor, continued growth (by the 99% spending) can not continue this way.

Same applies to RTS, yea, it looks ok and has worked this far but it simply is not sustainable. More and more players are quitting, more and more are not spending. Just because the bubble doesnt explode today does not mean it cant tomarrow or that it isnt an issue. The world saw this bubble explode in 2008, to say that it cant happen ever is just foolish. Same with the world, more and more homeless, more and more going off grid, the system is not sustainable and will not last and as such, something must give, whether that is the system itself, the people, the governments, etc. Remains to be seen.

So to answer your question, the system is shit, it is stacked against you, keep surviving. To offer some advice, build your resume. What is your experience? What are your skills? Do you have anyone that can be contacted to vouch for you? Where have you worked before? Your resume will help. 2. Put that mask on. Bullshit it. It is clear that most jobs people apply to, the reason is you want/need money but you need to sell yourself. In todays world, why should i hire you over the person who had a better mask? 3. Temp agencies, here in the states you can apply to an acengy who will look for a job for you to work temp and hopefully after some time the place will hire you full/part time but these agencies are good to go to to get into working asap. 4. Under the table, temp, hobbies, etc that you can turn into a job/source of income and maybe even a career. I now sell weed legally, i have a shop, trim company, farm, etc. I started off selling eigths, worked my way up and then got all my licenses/permits and now do it legitimately and legally. Maybe you have a hobby or skill? Painting? Computer skills? (Something i am really good at and have done a few on the side for some extra cash before as well as built computers and sold them and made extra money, a computer repair/sales shop would be so much fun for me!) 5. Try job search engines like indeed, monster, snagajob, linkedin, etc. You can find all kinds of jobs in your area on these from full time, part time, seasonal to temp. You can also build your resume on these, put your contact info, etc.

Best of luck

Some of these are good, i do google opinion rewards, mistplay, sweatcoin and podcoin. Im not making hundreds but i am making some money by just taking a survey once and awhile, exercising, listening to podcasts and playing video games

Best advise I can give is try working for yourself, something your good at preferably, and good luck

I meant as a holiday

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