Why is Kenny not neutralizing here?

You can see in the picture pete is at 100% ap, but Kenny’s neutralize icon is not lit up? Is it a big or am I missing something?

Impair resist? Or Kenny could be normalized

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Maybe Pete has a focus stun gun?

Focus stun does not stop impair. And from the OP’s screen shot they have not yet attacked with Kenny. When a toon’s special skill is available to use it lights up. His Neutralize icon has not lit up. The most probably answer is Kenny has been Normalized. This has nothing to do with a toon having focus or a impair resist.

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If you zoom up on Princess status, you can discern that her 10% def icon is replacing (or is getting replaced by) a normalize lock icon. This confirms a normalizer was in play, so is a safe bet to have caused Kenny’s impotence as well.


Ahh thanks, didn’t even think about checking for normalize!

Wow. Eagle eyes

Not really. I’d say the pinkish hue on the status icon is easily visible. I zoomed like hell to make out the red lock icon :smiley:

Oh yeah, nvm. I just woke up when I sat that :joy::joy:. My bad lol

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