Why is it so difficult to get Flak Jackets?


I’m a newer player (started about 2 months ago), so I’m unsure if this topic has been posted before, but I wonder why it is so hard to obtain flak jackets? I currently haven’t been able to ascend to 6* yet because I am still building my roster as a new player, but how can I compete against older players without the opportunity to upgrade my 4 and 5 star characters. With the amount of 6* characters that are out there, I don’t feel as if it should be this difficult to upgrade 4 star character, which would most likely be killed it one shot anyway by a 6*. I have only seen them a road map, which it was the final prize so I could only get one or for purchase but there is a 50% chance between the jacket and the beanie. Any solutions?


I feel you. There’s not a lot you can do except spend or wait and hope for rng luck =/. Sorry, just how this game is set up




It’s just hard right now because there hasn’t been an elite gear map in a while. Just wait a while until a map comes on and you’ll be fine.


Flak Jackets and Beanies – the constant struggle is real.


I believe I saw that gear maps are coming next week.

Winter Is Coming and everybody needs their beanies & jackets. The best way to grab some extra is to save up some World Energy Refills, borrow your faction members leaders, and run some extra maps and hope for some extra drops.

Anticipate the upcoming gear map and remember to have all your factions’ loot leaders available for use (their 8:00:00 cool down timer).

Stocking up on gear requires prep, prep & prep. You will get into the swing of it as you play more and more and the scheduled gear maps will help a LOT.


Thanks Mick! Yes, I will poke the Live Ops team and see what I can do about more beanies and flak jackets!


I read that gear map were coming this week, considering your answer I’m having a hard time thinking that gear map will make it for this week.


Are you Leaders privy to such information about those things? Do you have the ability to assist with the event calendar?


Leaders will know almost as much as I do. But I am working on pulling more of team into the forums to help keep things up to date faster! :slight_smile:


Omg Ik!! I’m having the HARDEST time getting beanies in Carroll region! Seems it’s different in every region. I’m in 2 regions: Carroll and Bulloch. Level 75 in Carroll and level 50 in Bulloch.




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