Why is it called microtransactions, when a stun gun is $100?


Just wondering $100 isn’t exactly small change were talking about.


Because it’s only a small portion of what they hope u spend :wink:


It’s not.

Microtransactions refers to buying alot of small purchases.

Price gouging is more appropriate for this game.


It’s micro fkn you man!


no one forces anyone to spend though the game is far from perfect


@kalishane here is how a company that cares about its customers responds when a problem arises…


When Apple was caught by the consumer they offered a deal.


Lol they were caught screwing older iphones to enforce people buying new ones. It is hardly care for customers.


Lol oh yes they don’t force anyone, just feeding us with nuggets. I’m expecting next prizes to be road apples, definitely we all need those. Actually everything is forced in this game, if you wan’t to compete that is, and this model of play is constantly pushing others to compete under banner of sportsmanship (if consumerism is sport that is).


I just thought it was funny as hell thats it was called a “microtransaction” when its a hundred freaking bucks.