Why is Glenn wielding an oar?



Lol that’s funny



wtf is zeke doing with a revolver? i autofilled and didnt even notice


Hahaha u Photoshop this or is it a bug?


Bug. Idk how to photoshop.


Oh well that’s a funny af bug


Weirdly enough when I went to the screen when zeke had the revolver equipped, he went from yellow to red and did hardly any damage to negan because of it


Players: “is this a feature or a bug”
Scopely: “yes”


Ha ha thx for sharing every1 needs to see this


That’s one of the stranger bugs I’ve seen. Out of curiosity was it still an alert attack animation?


I’ve autofilled and legendary Shiva has had the my 5* Shivas claws… as a bound weapon you do wonder whats happening!


The way he holds it it looks like he tries exorcism on Negan. lol


so accurate haha


Please let this NOT get patched like the giant bug. It looks more interesting that having a twelve feet tall Andrea.


Please make this a feature.


Everyone can use whatever weapon they want. Toon lives matter!


How can you even imply that mixed up weapons are even remotely better than




May I suggest a better idea? Let’s combine both.

I want to see that gorgeous tough Andrea using brass knuckles to smash Negan’s tank down to metal dust.


Let’s make the giant bug even better: every time a toon uses their AR, they get 20% bigger.

Toons with Very Fast ARs will end up looking like Honey, I Blew Up the Baby while those with Very Slow ARs stand beside their ankles.