Why is Everything you structure so poorly exercised


First of all thanks for the game, it is addictive if somewhat poorly structured to cater for the gamers.

Why i say that, as a player I want to be spending more of my free time playing the game, not coming on to the forums asking or telling, or suggesting things, it is good to have a community but 9/10 reasons us as players are here is to complain in some way or other with problems with the game

First gripe and its a fair one:

Why do you always structure EVENTS/ROADMAPS on thursday when its gear hunt?
This isnt a major issue but on Thursday 99% of the players would rather run this all day than world map etc but higher gear maps or 0 energy maps seem to always fall on this day.

again not a problem just more of a gripe, we can get gloves and shirts elsewhere but out of the 6 other days it always seem to land on the day thats better for yourselves that we farm that day


Solo Level ups …

Now i may be in the very small minority BUT i do not see the point of SOLO LEVEL UPS anymore, they just are a waste of time, unless the end result is something amazing nobody wants to bother with them anymore.

People wait for a faction level up and looking at Kalishanes calender (Subject to change) it showed a FLU coming this weekend to which many of us prepped hard for this, loaded xp missions etc etc to find out that its a SLU, it really isn’t needed at this point in the game … furthermore to add is if by going at what the leaked rewards is showing it is much much worse still with only 2 epics and really bad ones at that …

if you mentioned ascendable characters it would make a much bigger difference but the ignorance of less is more only goes against your game than for it

We want a better game, we DESERVE a better game and its structure of events should really be looked at once again.


It’s easy. Scopely is literally laughing at the players. They think the frustration is what has made them money. They believe no matter how badly they treat us we will be good little lemmings. So far? 60 million.


I’d like to see more 0 energy roadmaps as a rule. I put 3 days of 2* in training grounds and stuck a load more in as epic training as well. All from the shirt and glove drops chasing the red plastic pieces. If it’s like that I don’t mind them putting it on a Thursday.