Why is Dallas still not on the transfer list?I'm trying to go back there and it's still not on the list for the second transfer now

Last transfer you guys closed transfers to boone and Dallas. Once again trying to go back to Dallas and it’s not on the list. No it’s not a new region. There’s maybe 10 active factions so it’s not full. Why???

Any informative response from in-game customer support?

Unfortunately a region being at capacity has nothing to do with how active it is. Dallas is probably filled with retired and inactive accounts that Scopely won’t do anything about.

I get that they can’t just go around deleting established accounts just because they haven’t logged in for ages. But there must be loads who only logged in once or twice when they first downloaded it 2/3 years ago that they could easily get rid of to clear some space.

Its strange because some people found dallas and transferred to dallas ,but most cant find it

I think they said last time if they already had a mini account in Dallas they could transfer there but anyone who had never been there couldn’t.

Not sure if that’s accurate or not.

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I tried to find the official response but the search function is terrible here but you are 100% correct. Scopley said Dallas and one other region were “full” when the last transfer window opened.

So like you said unless they already have an account in Dallas they can’t transfer in.

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