Why is christia in 5* recruit tokens


Genuine question I just don’t understand why you would add her only reasom she would be justified is if she was gonna be made a 6* so actual question is… Is christia gonna be a 6* if so make her good because she is the worst 5* in game


For the collection


I know thats one of the reasons lel but even then she’s not desirable Im just interested if scopley will make her a 6* it be nice to see her have use in the game if she was ascendable


If they really cared about collections they should have placed toons like red Negan, command Jesus, og Dwight, not toons we can get from ascendance.


Honestly there’s no single toon that I’d wish weren’t in there considering, collectively, the MAJORITY of them are borderline the same value as a Benedict if they are not ascendable anyway. But I think it serves as a decent indicator of what 5s will be “okay” 6s vs the ones that aren’t in that wheel.


Don’t forget eventually all 5’s will be ascendable. Plus personally I feel all toons needed for collections should always been in the 5er wheel or available via ascendance. Having collections with decent rewards (5er tokens, benedicts, war cans) with ZERO way to get a toon doesn’t make much sense. As a side note some new permanent collections would be happily welcomed along with achievements, world map expansion and town expansion.