Why is armory parts on daily still 4.99 and not .99

Are you really changing it to 4.99 now? It used to be .99. Is this a mistake or you’ve decided to change it permanently. I hope it goes back to .99 but if people are just buying it then there isn’t a reason for them to change it back. I’ve stopped buying it since the massive increase, I hope others are doing the same.


i buy it at any price point tbh

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Nooooo don’t do it! Why spend 15 ( 3x purchase) when you can spend 3 dollars?? Don’t encourage them.


I didnt buy them at a $1 , never spending again unless it guarantees to make my team better.


It’s still a good deal

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They bump the price to see if people will pay it. Clearly they do, so the new price stays.


No. No, it’s not. Lol. It’s a predatory bait and switch. Dont be a sucker, bro.


At .99 i bought all 3 the 2/3 times the offer was up each week - at 4.99 Scopes can ead if they think i’ll even buy it once, turned one of the best offers into a truly trash one


I’m not poor.
I can part with $5 a day lmao

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I haven’t either, I refuse to buy until they change it back. I agree, it was the best offer.


They realized this offer is so good to have a very low price.

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As a general rule, if you don’t agree with a change, then you shouldn’t interact with it. Doing so will only tell the developers that you’re ok with the price hike.

99p was a decent deal and I think most players were happy to buy at that rate. But I’m not willing to buy the new offer at 5x the price, and neither should you.


It’s not about being poor. It’s about not being a sucker. 400% is 400%. Lol.


I bought then about 12 times. Spent 12 bucks just to reset my weapons cuz they came out junk and haven’t done it since. I could buy 100 offers but until scopely changes everyone’s bucket there literally no point

oh well, ill buy it regardless of what you say.

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They fixed it! It will not go back to 0.99€/$ again!

They should’ve charged .99 for daily parts… i was buying them everyday for a total of 3$ but 5$ a piece, 15$ a day?? See ya later …

When it was 0,99€ i bought it. Bought it daily 3 times. I may did spend more then 150-200€ on that at least. But now it’s in principle that i will not buy it again bc it’s 400% of top the price it was before​:exclamation: And we all know if you not have at least a minimum of 5 or 10 Blowtorches, you will not make your 4 Star ready to upgrade into 5 star with 430. Sry @Tyber, for sure i will not offend you, and i know it will not return to 0,99€ but you are a role Model why Scope fixed it to 5 bucks and stay at this price :man_facepalming:t4: sadly we have players that spend daily 15 bucks for 3 Blowtorches only to reset the Weapon to original after failed the last of 3 Crit success craft… :sweat_smile:
Honestly to speed up the Craft it’s perfect before war. But nobody who is any type of minimum smart will upgrade his 4 Star into a 5 Star Weapon without having 430 Points. At 4 Star it’s easy to get 3x Crit success and reset just cost wood and a few parts, if you not SC Member. But once it is a 5 Star you will need a hughe portion of luck or be rly patience to get 3x crit success on Weapons. Or at least the Crit success craft you want. So for me the blowtorches are anyway only there to make upgrades while 4 Star. Sometimes i try to go for none top crit crafts like Team Player 4 ect but use the Blowtorches when the Weapon is a 5 Star is totaly wasted imo…

im just saying 5 bucks isnt bad

It would have 2 Blowtorches i would agree with you realy but one is just not enough. You need 15 bucks to buy 3. And 3 are sadly not enough to made the Weapon perfect. We had to be really lucky to upgrade it with bw 3 times a row get crit Success every Time. Just give us 2 for 5 bucks and i am in again with that offer :100:%