Why is ad working when stuned

can we go one event with no glitches or bugs if possible scopely needs better programmers or whatever they’re called cuz who’s ever programming these games sucks


That seems par for the course. If it’s a bug it’s a long standing one

Set your beeber to stune…

Not going to lie, I severely doubt you.

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It can appear that way if u attack in rapid succession but it is actually functioning properly. It’s just the timing of the absolute defense and character motions that overlay making it hard to tell what happened. If you slow down you will see it’s functioning properly.

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Got a video? That helps the devs determine the context of the bug.

It Always has worked Just not as much when stunned

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Never seen it make a difference personally lol

Absolute defense or any other weapon mod impair etc don’t work when they are stunned. If they do its a glitch.

Not sure of impair but Absolute defense has always been able to do zero damage even when stun Just not all the time if he means every time then yes glitch.

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Stun cannot block any weapon special stat upon application, but any attacks after the Stun is applied will not trigger weapon effects, irregardless of impair or absolute defense.

Absolute defense has never been able to activate if the character is stunned.

Stun shuts everything and anyone down!!

Absolute Defense Has always been able to Activate if character is stunned the odd time.It’s no glitch

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From the multiple times I’ve tested, nope. Unless you’re referring to Guardian’s similar effect of Absolute Defense(Where it actually says absolute defense but in reality it’s just Guardian), Stun shuts everything down after application.

If you mean for modded Weapons maybe, but if you are using a stun AR fairly sure it won’t work.Fast Duane does this and I have tested it so could be the ARs.

No, it should be any kind of stun, either from weapons, active skills, or ARs. It’s possible it glitched and absolute defense still activated, but it’s stated that absolute defense(and any other weapon special stats) are locked if the character is stun. That being said however, with all the gameplay I’ve done with a stun katana and Shiva’s active skill, I’ve never had absolute defense proc’d if the character is stunned.

To clarify. The turn you attack with stun sword both AD and stun can trigger. Damage negated but now stunned. Each successive attack will result in No AD as special mods do not work when stunned.

Yup. I was thinking about clarifying it, but… Fortnite lol.

Seems like different people have different stories haha. But I too have never seen a character being stunned have any bearing on their weapons procing…strange, hope we get some clarity

All u need to do is ask @CombatMan or @CombatDevIl they can tell u once stunned ad,impair etc do not work. If u stun a shield with shiva active skill and that shield has ad all hits go thru. If u stun with a stun sword it’s possible for both to trigger however any hits after that stun wont be blocked