Why is a calendar so impossible to maintain?

Once again we find ourselves in a weekend event with no idea (beyond the usual S.L.U.T.s) of what is to follow? While some player concerns have been addressed this is a perfect example of one which has not. Have they all gone to Cabo for Spring Break? Have they misplaced the darts for throwing at the random event dart board (which is 95% L.U.T.s)?


This is beginning to seriously piss me off.


scopley can’t access VK’s until right before an event, and by then VK has already released the data


Be grateful there is even a calendar at all. We used to live in a world where they said they would never do one because in a live game things can change. The finally caved and gave us one and things change in it, and we bitch and moan at every opportunity. We are acting the exact way they thought we would and was why they didn’t want to do it in the first place.

I hope they take the fucking thing away


Well as it stands right now there is nothing to take away. I am always surprised when people settle for mediocrity. There are plenty of “live” games that somehow put out a calendar and fulfill it 95% of the time.

Scopely could put out a calendar with L.U.T.s listed for every day and be 50% accurate. Taking it away altogether would simply further decrease player activity, increase player dissatisfaction and hasten the looming sunset.


Since we are all doom and gloom why not speed it up? Let’s get it over with already.
This isn’t other games or other developers, this is Scopely who has proven time and time again that “mediocrity” is their full level of capability. When have they ever proven anything different? Never.
We settle for this level of treatment every time we log on. 2.5 years and it’s been a small decline in experience, at best


The russians have posted Monday’s event and Scopely is giving us a blank calendar.



When they drop war because of versioning people are angry that there’s no war, not because the calendar has changed.
When they switch a LU for a SR basically as it starts people get annoyed at the calendar change.
When we approach the end of the month with no apparent plan, people get worried and then annoyed. If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll probably get there… and be disappointed.

The calendar doesn’t even matter just play the game and let the events happen whenever they come, it really makes no difference.

Perhaps to you but not for everyone. People (most) have lives outside the game. They would prefer to balance the two. Knowing upcoming events would allow people to arrange their schedule to participate.

In a game like this that relies on resource management the ability to make informed decisions increases enjoyment. Do I want to go hard in this week’s level up that pays generic rewards or do I want to set myself up for next week’s level up that pays event specific rewards?


Why would you change your life outside of a game for a tournament? Just wait for it to appear and then use your resources wisely.

Always go hard :+1:

You misconstrued change for arrange to support your inaccurate question. And acting wisely is hampered with a dearth of information. I would surmise your willy-nilly style of game play is what Scopely counts on to put pancakes on the table.


Same question still applies, why would you “change” or “arrange” or “modify you life in anyway” for a game? Just skip an event or a tournament … make up for it next time… put in double effort when you can come back to the game.

The fact that your life revolves around this game is exactly what scopley wants, they want people like you to hunt down events and live in the game and watch videos to get them ad money.

Your pancake reference is dated and has been played out well past it’s expiry date but I bet you think your pretty funny, don’t you?

In order for the calendar to be up to date and exciting they would have to have a clue as to what they are doing




People: “We want to know when everything is happening!”
Scopely: “Sorry but things change day to day so we are not able to tell you that.”
People: “But we want to know!”
Scopely: “We would tell you if we could.”
People: “TELL US!”
Scopely: “Okay here is a calendar of events we have provisionally scheduled. Do remember that these might change.”
People: “YES!”

…Calendar changes

People: “OMG! I was prepping for that and now it has changed! What is the point of this calendar! This is outrageous!”



Players: “We want to know when everything is happening!”
Scopely: “Sorry, we cant decide ahead and just make it up as we go depending on the projected revenue”
Players: “But we want to know!”
Scopely: “Why dont you visit the hacking community that is always delivering all the events.”
Players: “TELL US!”
Scopely: “Okay here is a calendar of events we just made up. Now remember that we are completely useless"
Players: “YES!”

…Calendar changes…


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Scopely: “Sorry but things change day to day so we are not able to tell you that.”

Should not happen.

Scopely: “We would tell you if we could.”

Should happen whith more accuracy.

Scopely: “Okay here is a calendar of events we have provisionally scheduled. Do remember that these might change.”

Unreasonable to say the least, calendar should be able to be more accurate than a few hours ahead like it happened before.

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Just for some context. I work different hours than the people who push the buttons sometimes. I also curate this calendar by myself so, the inconsistency will come with when and if I am able to update. Hence, the disclaimer. Do I wish things were always scheduled 100% ahead of time and visible in game? Yes! Keep in mind – we’re one step closer with the new, revamped roadmaps stating coming soon and ending soon with a timer. Events are a bit more tricky but I try to do my best to be 100% on top of it.

Also note that VK info is in game right before it goes live, those are things that are scheduled shortly ahead of time and sometimes they are changed from when I last heard / saw – and are put live by the team so – yes VK is accurate because that’s what we’ve pushed out into game. (minus character info) What I know is what is initially planned before the day of launch. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your work on the calendar, I know most seem unappreciative…but I for one am happy to have a calendar. :grin::grin::grin: