Why I wanted to be in a top faction .. a players journey


When I first started playing I remember looking at the top three factions in aww … I knew immediately it’s where I wanted to be but it seemed so unobtainable. I didn’t give up. The leader of the 8th place faction took a chance on me and my 2000k rep and B++ team and so the grind began. The grind to level and farm, to build my team, to play road maps to win decent 4*. I can’t tell you how many I failed to win. Every event every war I would look at the top three rewards and drool… I knew my team wouldn’t win but they gave me sometime to work for
Fast forward to a raid event with Beth as first place prize. We went for it. We won first place with over 110,000 points for a 4* it caused an uproar in our region… it was epic. Beth was so OP. I made a deal with the leader of the number one faction if I could beat his top five players in raids he’d give me a chance and after month and month of developing my team I did it. And he held up his end of the deal and gave me a spot. That was a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back.
By deluding the prize structure for the top three factions you’ve caused a ripple affect. No longer does the top teams have something to fight for. No longer do the lower factions have anything to aim after. They have no desire to beat and/or join a top faction when the prizes are so lack luster. There is no longer any urgency just complacent with being 4th, with being 8th with being 12th. It’s caused a complete lack of competition because to get the latest OP toon you either have to have a lucky token pull or spent hundreds of dollars. There’s nothing to fight for …
this is from the perspective of someone who grinded her way to to top and am watching my region slowly crumble. I love this game and hope scopley takes a hard look at what the new META is doing


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Thank you very much for sharing Zombie Peach.

It’s very insightful and helpful. I will share.

Also, congratulations on your journey and for getting as far as you have – that’s truly awesome.


Several top factions have actually fallen apart this way, as players who joined for the prizes migrate back to their friends, the prizes no longer being worth staying for.

Personally, I would mark this as the one and only beneficial thing about the event prizes lately - less domination by the top faction.

Still, I say it would be better to make ALL prizes better, rather than to make ALL prizes worse.


I also worked my way up from a 50th place faction to the 4th place to top 2. And there was a reason to your right. Now they want to be fair and offer everyone bad rewards. So doesn’t matter where u are u will get equally terrible rewards. But gotta be fair. Apperentley this game is about not being competitive not earning prizes to become better anymore. This game was about competition and having fun earning a reward. Now we have to decide if it’s just better to come in 4th so u can maybe get a pull. Or spend money on a premiere. Thats about it. They basically ruined it with cross region war. And it’s always that they are taking it to the team and next time. U ever hear that saying about I’ll do it tomorrow…and then saying again I’ll do it tomorrow. Garth brooks…if.tomorrow never comes. …


exactly the same story here. Was a long time and a lot of hard work from being a noob to growing my team where I could compete… The new META. Took all that work and reset it, trashed the reward structure, and made every team build basically the same, there isn’t much motivation left and its really sad… I love this game… And my faction mates I have been with since the beginning. … So it is very disheartening to see what has taken place lately and feel like the makers of the game dont care.


Great post. Thank you for sharing it.


This was an awesome read. Reminds me of the days when I had Denise as my leader and my first “good” character.


4* yellow Glen was my first fully maxed toon. I wanted Molly so bad haha


But the 8th faction gave you a chance and stuck by you while you were growing
You won a faction raid event with them…

And you still planned on leaving them.
Did you let the 8th faction know you was planning on leaving in the future…

You have shown a fundamental flaw with the rewards of the past…
This helps kill regions…
How’s that 8th faction ever supposed to grow if people use it as a stepping stone?


This is precisely why I intentionally shun the top factions. People often find it strange that I would spend $10k plus on an app game and not want to win top prizes. It all comes down to your perspective. First and foremost on my mind is always the overall health and longevity of a server. Your healthiest regions are going to be those with a “quality spread” in terms of overall faction strength. While I find winning fun, I have never gotten any real enjoyment out of a blowout victory no matter which side of it I was on. I realize that everyone plays these games for their own reasons, but I have found that the “win at all cost” crowd ultimately only serve to destroy a region sooner than later. I personally prefer to play with players that I enjoy spending virtual time with and playing spoiler to those who migrate to the top. I do not fault those looking to better their station, I just wish that servers would not always end up with the hegemonic powers that stomp out all life in a region. I suppose its just Darwin’s law in an app game environment, but I will endeavor to persevere.


And you are in the minority. As evident by the numerous regions in decay (probably 75% of them) the mass majority plays to win the game. No judgment, I’m over joyed you enjoy the people you play with more than winning and I never look down on those who choose that life in my own region. However, this is a pay to win game and no way to deny that. So those that love winning, want to win, or down right have to win, will spend. The best way to prevent themselves from spending too much is they join others who spend to win, lightening their load of spending which is how top factions are formed.


Like you I am not here to judge, and I completely understand the position of those who think counter to me. I have often been referred to as a “hybrid whale” or a narwhal, part whale/part unicorn in game speak. But after over a decade of competitive app gaming, i’m well aware of my minority stake in all this.


Love The narwhal reference. We have quite a few in Pike, it does bring balance


Yes it was my goal the very first day I started playing to be in the top faction. The leader of my faction knew I wouldn’t stay and was aware of my gaming goals. He utilized my drive and determination to help grow his faction as when I was with them I gave them everything i had. (We went from 8th to 4th) I utilized them to help learn and grow. It was equal from the start.
Everyone has a different end game and I don’t judge any ones game play that is different from mine. I enjoyed my friendship in the 8th place faction and made new friendships in the 1st place faction. Just because I left doesn’t mean the friendship ended. I have many virtual friends throughout the region.
And not that it matters but the tour we won was 5 people putting up of 80k of the points. It’s a lot of pressure to carry a faction, if I would have stayed I would have retired by now. It’s not fair for one person to put in a 100% while half the team gives 50%. I personally enjoying playing with people who play as hard as I do and we share the load so it doesn’t fall on a few


Eh, being in a top faction is overrated.


Well said men,remind Me of my journey to the top…first time my faction placed first,second, and third place was awesome…good times,nice while it lasted.never happened again.