Why I think Solange sucks


Sandy one shots here easily then also kills the Shiva and decaps in one ar making her useless but it is all about the toons and how you use em.


Tbh shes not good but she’s not terrible either hell i have her ascended rn


when you ascend solange, the ap cost is bigger and do the same sh*t


Good point


Solange = amy Schumer = steaming pile of dog vomit


Better one than none


I remember my first day using forums


I literally made this post to make fun of the fact that Solange looks like Amy Schumer…

And of course all the 12 year old F2P who spend their complain about the whales but spend money on Fortnite skins complain about this post…


I saw her used quite effectively in crw also saw her be used in a team she didn’t belong in. I assume someone with no revives would be excited to have one even if it’s to help them offensively. Ive got quite a few revives and I plan on adding her to one of my teams to try her out. Like any toon it’s the the team around it that makes it good or useless. I could say a lot of toons aren’t great but I’ve seen people get very creative in team builds


She seems to try and use her AS so it does make her very slow on defense. but a freebie so not complaining here.


yep that’s me, actually I’m 11 cant play fortnite yet

actually looked at other post and u might not be a whale, just a new player who prolly got those cheap deals when they had the 12 tokens for 40 bucks
u have all 5 stars non ascendables


Yeah. I actually just hate amy schumer…shes a no talent hack.
Solange is ok. You don’t like her…don’t use her.


Not sure why there’s so much hate on Solange. Modded correctly, good defensive weapon and behind a Gabriel or Dante lead and she’s a pain to deal with.


Seriously. People are nuts… “Sandy kills her”. Well what green doesn’t sandy kill? It’s pretty silly.


Solange has potential just hadn’t been seen yet


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