Why I think Solange sucks


She’s acrually Amy Schumer…
Also her AR is slow as shit for what it does


Okay, this is enough evidence to make your point. I now thing Solange sucks as well.


white shiva unleveled, 2 unleveled aris and a marion not in a team…
dont think solange was designed for u


My solange works fine with a huge ap katana


Pretty sweet Andrea you have there.


Solange works for F2P* players not for you …

The only bad side I see in Solange is that the last thing he does is revive.


Try using am ap knife on your team.

The more you know.

… Damn you gif keys. We used to get along.


Solange was a tank this war. She really takes a beating. She’s useful for 90 percent of the playerbase.


90 percent consists of whales :joy:


Lol there’s no way 10 percent of players are whales. Some P2P will use her. Heck I’m thinking I might behind Eric. Worth a test run at least.


I wouldn’t think many p2p would use her. I’m almost completely f2p and I wouldn’t use her.


Then again it’s all about team lineups


ok in start i also thought she is crap but in last Crw she was doing nice job with right set up


Who is that woman?


She’s really not that bad. I guess she’s been made worse with the Alice promo but those players most likely had Tara anyway. Behind two shield she can be tricky. Especially when she gets the defense bonus. Might not win you the fuel but will certainly stall the opponent longer.


Why do you assume I’m a whale lol? I ain’t go no shields, no erikas, nothing.


that doesn’t mean that you don’t spend a bunch


Try hard whale then


She’s not designed for anyone haven’t seen a single team where she’s good much better options and she’s slow as shit like the op said


During recent crw someone had her max ar combat mod defense set and ar launching every other turn was some op as much as shiva.