Why I don't quit!


480 days login streak!

I wish I could say fuck it and quit!

Show your login streak!


That’s a really bad reason, but it does make sense.


I also spent way too much and didn’t really get shit!


Wow! If you just lost it in poker you could walk away, but because they give you pictures that they say are worth money…


Sounds like the gamblers dilemma. Expecting prior rolls to affect future odds.

Or another way

Insanity, doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting a different result


I have not spent for a long time almost a year, Scopely made me a non spender.


480 here also, thought 365 days was bad but oh no.


You need a vacation. My login streak matches tells me in was 370 days since I’ve been on a cruise…


Been playing 302 days straight never missed a day ever since I started playing haven’t played a year and I’m S3++ :confused:




shit 480 days aswell. :crazy_face:


I dropped my phone and it broke so my streak was cut short. So I think my streak was around 430 give or take 10ish

Looks like I should of done some math. It was 440 when my phone suffered its horrific fate


If something is no longer fun why do it? I am in no way trying to suggest leaving the game. Not saying you want to leave or stay…I just think that if I ever wasn’t enjoying something I would have enough willpower to say enough is enough.

Ps. I’m having fun again like it was 2 plus years ago. Hope you can find the fun again…


where did you drop that phone from? :smiley:
Eiffel tower maybe??? Look like it got rekt pretty hard


468, never missed a day.


It was two stories high at working checking football scores then put my phone in my pocket. When I didn’t feel a thud when the phone hit the bottom of my pocket, I looked down to watch it smash on the concrete. It still works but needs a new screen. Lol


Doomed xd