Why i cant see faction and global chat?


Hi guys,i have a problem with the game,why i cant see the faction and global chat,it always said LOADING MORE MESSAGES FROM SERVER and that was happened from a long time ago.

Global and faction chats do nor work

Connection issue restart your modem if your using home WiFi (maybe your phone to)


When I use mobile data I can’t see it either but when I’m on my wifii I have no problem.


Maybe it’s just me but I cannot send more than 3/4 messages after which chat freezes and I’ve to restart the app.


It’s quite possible whatever wifi you’re on is blocking the required ports for those messages to come through. Can’t remember which ports are used, though.

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Can You please clarify with dev team, which ports are need to be opened? I`ve got same issue too.


Turn off VPN


I have no VPN service on :frowning:


Your works Wifi firewall is probably blocking irc ports usually in the 6665-6669 range

Asking them to unblock it will probs be grassing yourself up.

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