Why I can't ascendance Julie?

Hello everyone can you tell me why I can’t ascendance her and she is locked?!

Click the lock in the upper left hand corner to unlock her.


What @Peyton007 said @THE_PUNISHER_BG

Hah thank you lol I didn’t notice that locker there :joy:


@Peyton007 thank you . Takes me long time to make her max lol


Honestly I think an underrated character for a long time but honestly might be wise to save the comics aat this point

She will fit perfect in mine main dmg team,but will take time because of the comic books lol

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I am not sure if they’ll ever put another Zach level character in the museum, but I’d tend to agree with you Jim.

S item collections

I’m not sure that the return rate is worth the comics, but I guess we’ll see how rare the S-items end up becoming over time.

Investing in dead characters is never a good deal though.

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She’s a 6s does it matter

Sure, but certain 6 stars can still be useful even in the S class era. Doc is one.

Doc has a turn 1 AS and his weapon is OP Julie is far from a Doc