Why hasn't there been a response to world cans vanishing *again* from war?

Just wondering, last time world cans infamously vanished from 3rd place in war, kalishane said it would be fixed and the next war was back to normal.

But the following war, this past weekend, the world cans were once again missing.

Why can’t we get an official response @kalishane? Was it broken as you said, or is this part of the new normal going forward?


Try looking under the rug :wink:


Sorry but your S.O.L.

I suspect it wasn’t actually fixed. It happened during All Out War. The next war was CRW and it did drop world cans. I don’t think it was just a coincidence that this last weekend’s All Out War did the same thing.

Because it was by design and they dont care what we have to say about it


Because it’s easier to just ignore it. :slight_smile:



My guess World cans weren’t dropping in war is because of those death markers, scopley wanted to limit the amount of free world energy cans, so ppl would burn thru all of their saved cans so they would have to use coins to refill their world energy

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