Why has SR not started on time...?


It is sad that they did not respond to this… Maybe a third community manager is needed? :joy:


They way they go I feel like scope could have 0 cm and nothing be different… Sorry jb seems like a nice guy and all and I have only seen like 2 things gr has said but they don’t seem to fixate on the first part of cm to much


Probably because they get shit talked and ridiculed,for anything they do.


Well its like working in a clothing shop, bringing a customer extra large clothes when the person size small, and you dont want to try to give him a smaller one because you dont care about his satisfaction but about the effort you put in the process.


You assume JB and GR have the ability to decide what they bring back. Wrong. They’re the go-betweens a rock and a hard place

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The Survival Road has been delayed and I have now updated the correct times on the Tournament Calendar.





I assume someone is not listening at all to the community, i dont know/care about who it is i care about whats done or not.


Shoot the messenger and no-one hears


Did I shoot them though? Stop being overdramatic ffs.


It’s a turn of of phrase. Was I suggesting you pulled a gun and blew him away? No. Don’t be silly.


Yeah no sh*t but as if I was saying something too harsh for them to handle. Smart@ss


If you are a community manager and cant communicate well enough or handle conflicts why would you be one? Your sentence is as irrelevant than your turn of of phrase.


You seemed to lack confidence over the saying so I had to cater for you. And it’s pretty obvious the community managers have to be greenlighted on everything they say, game-related. Good or bad, at least it’s official. It’s not a telling on how well they perform their jobs.

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I guess you are right, I apologize to JB and GB but… scopely must be such a mess to be like this.
Sorry brah for the pointless argument


You guys made raid event less than 24hours now?


Are you from Spain as well?


Times have been getting worse and worse.

Remember when Fac level up / raids lasted the whole weekend?


They are fitting the sr tournament in… if you ask most players, I think they would rather have a long SR tournament than a long level up… not sure why anyone needs a 2.5 day level up tourney.


No this is true, just pointing out that faction events used to run all weekend, as opposed to Friday & Saturday with a 3rd event on a Sunday

But neither the raid or SR are long enough, the fac raids are not even 24hr