Why has SR not started on time...?

Is this another f-up like the free mod removal event not happening last week…? Sort it out $copely. Please!!!


No, it just works.

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Vk has it starting at 5 pm pst even though calendar shows it should have already started


What’s the rewards

Trash, All trash.


3 lugnuts and a special offer “just for you”


Is that 10pm GMT…?

So no lugnuts


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It can late…like …forever ?!
Absolute trash (rewards):face_vomiting:

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27mins late…so far. Question is will it be the 4 stage format?

I believe that’s 1 am gmt

Hey @GR.Scopely we see you answer us

Lol that’s for tomorrow not today

Uhhhh actually no

Says the 21st still 20th here good few hours until it will start

I don’t believe they have ever been in SR. We just had them in that one random raid event.

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I know was just wondering if they were going to add them since we had no raid this week and ended up with the lamest most boring event the game has ever seen

Yea… they 100 percent need to add something like like 1,000 lug nuts/medals in these collections. Maybe five star tokens or gear. Other than that, I don’t mind the format because we are actually getting good toons. Eric and now marlon are miles ahead of the trash we got from the level ups in the past format.

The players who don’t reach 8,000 just end up wasting a month of level ups, similar to these war stashes. They are blocking the lower players from progressing. Makes no sense.


Don’t worry guys its gonna be blitz sr so wont need the normal amount of time to finish it :joy: instead you will receive an additional level up in its place