Why has faction lvl up started and Garrett hasn’t been handed out


We should have recieved Garrett prior to the faction lvl up starting same with the anniversary tokens


It was not stated anywhere that we would be receiving our rewards before level up started so why assume that? It can take up to 72 hours for rewards to be distributed so we just have to wait for them to pause region transfers and then start handing out rewards


Is it Friday? I think the FLU started early.


The event for Garrett and the tokens was over yesterday


Still takes upto 72 hrs for those rewards to appear, this isnt a new thing


the event ended a couple hours ago have some patience


Since when does it normally takenup to 72hours to get prizes after N event lmao new to me I’ve only played this game since it’s come out


Normal event prizes are out within a couple hours, these long multi region/leader board collections take a little longer.

There have been a couple others like it, Rise to Power? was one, the rewards were the same, took a couple days to appear.

When the 1st cake leaderboard ended 2 weeks ago it took a couple days to appear


2 days for receiveing Garrett, more than enough time to level him up during that time.


Scopely’s systems takes 72 hours to distribute rewards , they have a 1st generation CPU that been designed in 1965 for that job .


I myself have received the garret that’s a 6 star even though I’m almost positive I should have only gotten the 5 star while my other faction mates didn’t get there prizes.


I still haven’t receive garret yet, but most of my faction members have already got him.
Is this normal? Should i panic or just wait?


Yeah I was thrilled to start YGL and then to discover I had a new Garrett.


Still no garrett and I only got 30 tokens should of had more I hope I compensation for this BS




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Got a few token but no Garett. Should have received level 2 Garett reward. Do I seriously have to write a ticket to get my reward?


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