Why even have a character in that spot?


On the refresh after waiting 7 days this is what I logon to

Why even put a character in the spot for raid/ world cans… c’mon guys really


Can’t expect them to be generous all the time.


4* dale op


When you spend 1600 coins on depot refresh and only get 5 raid cans and 0 world refills then yes there should be a box designated ONLY for refills… promos just dont come often enough


Be happy. 4* Dale is a great character. Took me many refreshes to have him in there


That hurts, 8 refreshes and only 5 cans. I would have quit lol, jk. I miss the old school bags in the shop where is was 130 coins, ten bags with 1-4 raid fills per bag. A quick 1,300 farmed coins could turn into 20-40 raid fills. Wish there was a bag like this for world refills


I have green Zeke in the spot cans normally are. Ive been wanting him for a while because he will complete a few collections, but now wanderer and Duane are ascendable :fearful:


i know, i was very close to it the other week, im only buying in game for refills now and am putting caps on that, so i cant even farm as much during the week now, its just starting to get to me more now. they are actively pushing away players who want to play, even the ones who are paying to play.

good old day was hoping for an andrea in an extreme sale in depot, i spent close to 4200 coins and almost every refresh was raids or world with the odd one i think not being one, now its reversed and im seeing character/character/raid/character/character/character/raid/character/character/character

thus bringing on the large amount of money spent to play the game and getting nothing back

i understand there are promos currently on with refills but in my boat im looking at the lowest amount each time which again brings more resentment towards buying them.


1,000 coins = 5 depot refreshes = 10 - 15 both refills 10 raid 15 world vice verca
1,000 coins = 10 world refills or more promo, going from lowest outcome

1,000 coins now could literally be 0 refills either way and promo its almost always lowest outcome

i wont even start on the SR refill bag that has 2 - 10 refills, dont know anyone who has had over 2 refills from it


Todays Refresh was more than sucessful;


28k!!! :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: Congrats!


Thanks. 4 of 10 :slightly_smiling_face:


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