Why don't we see normal war anymore?

I can’t even remember last time we had normal war within the region. What is going on?

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because then we could have here whining whales crying about not being able to score enough in leagues because their region is dead…


Most regions are pretty dead and normal wars are tedious. CRW is the way forward.


I guess because most regions suffer inactivity and running AOW wouldnt be sustainable to run.

Personally i prefer CRW because AOW will only have 2 factions battling it out and the rest of the factions just being there

Edit: alot of people did quit recently and the new people are not enough to keep things running as good as before ( this is not related to subscription or any kind of controversy) .

I think the problem with the state of the game is that it is very difficult for new players to join , it takes months or even a year for them to have an okay team

People spend more on CRW. There you go.

They don’t care that some people rather have AOW, because they want to fight the people on their own server. People they probably know for years by now. Rather than some unknown foreigners.

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This is a bad idea how do you stop friendly fractions who are in same region from running up the score with one another if they face each other? Just to get A ton of league points?! Think about it @JB.Scopely don’t bring this into CRW.


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