Why don't we have an auto/ play all feature?

So, I guarantee there’s a reason I have failed to think of yet but I’m gonna ask anyway.

Why is there no option to auto all stages on roadmaps? These michione maps take a good 15min chunk every 2 hours to run. Why don’t we have a play all feature so we can walk away from our phones and let it just run. Legit question.


That would be great

I mean, one could probably macro that somehow, but why would scopely do that work for you.

Macros I’m sure are against tos

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Legit why don’t you just play the game. If you want something to automatically play while you walk away then this game isn’t for you, try the “contacts” app, I hear that one is a lot of fun.

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Well because a game maker’s goal is to maximize its users’ screen time. This wouldn’t accomplish that. It also would devalue the efforts of the grinders if the lazy players like myself can just hit auto.

Why? Because the game actually isn’t that interesting.

Most people aren’t doing roadmaps because they are, in themselves, fun. They’re doing them for the rewards they give. Most of the gameplay itself is a tedious grind.

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This applies to all games that require grinding. No one actually likes to raid in Clash of Clans, repeat levels in Marvel Strike Force, etc. This is just part of gaming.


So you’ve never put a stage on auto and walked away? Never? Well done :clap:

It would be nice but as someone replied they want to keep you on the game. They dont want you to hit auto set your.device down then get distracted by real life lol. They want to keep you pressing buttons

Oh, sure. No doubt. That doesn’t mean it can’t be better though, right?

Sure, let’s ask Scopely to revise a basic premise of gaming that’s been used for the past 30+ years, across all consoles, across all types of games, and make it so it balances the needs between players and the developers.

And it needs to be researched, developed, tested, and implemented before the end of RTS.

I think you may be exaggerating somewhat. This hasn’t been a basic premise of gaming for 30 years by any means and certainly not across all platforms and types of game.

But nevertheless…

Scopely have made steps towards what Bossbitch has asked for already. There’s the option to auto-play in the first place. Then, more recently, they introduced the speed multiplier that allowed you to spend less time auto-playing. Before that, of course, they introduced scavenger tokens that allowed you to completely bypass grinding on levels you’d completed.

Having an option to auto an entire roadmap is not a massive leap and doesn’t revise any basic premise any more than the steps they’ve already taken does.

There should just be an auto complete stage button if your roster is a certain team grade, I have no trouble with the Michonne maps, they’re just tedious because everything has a lot of HP.

The premise that I’m talking about is grinding, where you repeat previous stages over and over just for the rewards. It can be a bit boring but people do it because the rewards are worth the effort.

Games that I have direct experience with that do this are (off the top of my head) Final Fantasy 1 for NES (1987 release), more Final Fantasy for all PS (FF7 released in 1997), Diablo 1 and 2 for PC, MSF, Pokémon Go, WD: Our World, and Clash for mobile, Pokémon for Gameboy (1998 release). I’m sure Sega, Xbox uses grinding where appropriate and I haven’t played WoW, EQ, Eve, or Lineage before, but they definitely grind.

Yes, Scopely can add a button that lets you finish an entire rm or even auto war for you so you don’t have to even turn on the game for the whole war weekend, but that’s not what gaming is.

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