Why don't we... (15 characters)

Just have continuous 12 hour levelups running in the background of other events. It could even still have trash rewards, but still a constant and fast flow of 5* tokens


I thought that is what we have…


That would be really nice!

I think I remember reading from a couple of months ago (when a 3-event weekend was mistakenly scheduled) that the way that tournaments are implemented does not allow for some types of tournaments to happen at the same time.

However, I think there’s a bigger issue. There’s just not enough other events.

  • Raid tournaments are really boring to do, take a lot of time, and are very expensive in terms of cans if you want to do anything. If those were more frequent, people would complain very quickly ("$copely force me to buy 40 raid cans twice a week! What a blatant cash grab! I guess it’s time to drop the game!"), and not without good reason
  • SR require you to play every two hours if you want to get anywhere, which is a large time commitment if it happens several times every week. People would get mad quickly I think (“What a blatant attempt to sell can offers!”). Plus, I think SR would get boring very quickly if it happened much more often.
  • Having war much more often than now could actually kill the game. War is fun, because it has high activity for a good part of your faction; it happens so rarely that there’s usually people around without waiting too long. If it happens several time a week regularly, people wouldn’t join as much anymore, which means longer waiting times until your faction is queued up, longer times until you find a match, and that match is more likely to be the top factions if you’re a mid-to-low level faction (because the other mid-to-low-level factions are less likely to be active, while the top factions tend to be more committed). This could lead to a death spiral of people wanting to go to war even less, if it plays out this way.

So you would have to have the continuous levelup as the sole event quite often. Levelups somewhat work; they are quite boring, but do not require quite as much in time commitment (basically just the farming that people are probably doing anyway).

So while this seems like an attractive idea, it would require more event types, including low-commitment ones.


Well we need more events anyway so I’m still fine with this lol

Sure, but I don’t see this happening soon. I’m not even sure what other kind of events there could be (maybe some SR/faction assault hybrid where the whole faction fights tough stages together?)

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Why not hourly level ups? They already copy and paste the rewards anyway. Milestones are barely achievable every time as well

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The Call To Arms Event was a nice region event. Kill this amount of walkers get this, collect this amount of food for this, & collect this amount of wood for this. I think there was one more thing, but I can’t remember what it was. It took your own region to work together to finish it.


Or instead of 4 straight level ups they can do 1 level up with total time of those four. That way the milestones (oh you slippery hockey mask you) will be more within reach.

How about a daily reward system with a few milestones like 50k 100k 250k. With modest prizes.
That would be cool

Raid events could be better if they gave us more energy per can. Ive always hated that 6 is the max we can get at a time. I wish as you reached higher player levels you can aquire more raid energys like they do with the world energy. Never made sense to me why they never did that!