Why dont u pin it?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely u dont want players to see the bs response? Cause were all gonna bump up the post no matter what :slight_smile:


They don’t want us to have a little laugh, at least they admitted seeing us as buckets with no brains with this post

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Do you all understand that constantly asking for a response shows Scopely you plan on continuing to play and support the game? Therefore they can view it as “what’s the rush, you’re not quitting anyway.” You would’ve quit after the fiasco like most did.

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Ure obssesed with me Jesus

done :slight_smile:


Haha that’s golden.


You asked for the attention by posting multiple threads on a public forum within the past few days spewing the “best” expletive you can think of multiple times and contradicting yourself. You spend a lot of time on here creating and re-creating hidden topics asking for a response showing that you really do care but pretending like you don’t.

YOu are scum for working for this company have no clue how you sleep at night.

Wouldn’t you be able to if your mattress looked like this?


Now get you back to flagging every response on the post

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That pillows on the wrong side geez that cant be comfortable lol

You have a lot of nerve, buddy!

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You got your response.

God ure so annoying, get a life

Looks like we have something in common then. Because in no way is spamming multiple threads on the same topic annoying :roll_eyes:

U stalk me and look for every post i make jeez

You’re creating multiple topics the past few days and it’s spam. We don’t need multiple threads from you all saying the same damn thing. Stop spamming and I’ll stop calling you out on it.

You should feel loved, killa k did this to me awhile back and now ignores me lol tell him youre a troll and he will rage about it and go away

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I just agree with you more than I used to.

Just hump me hard daddy