Why dont scopely do good deals like other mobile games

like in swgoh of heroes you can spend $100 on hyperdrive bundle and get a ton of premium currency, gear, characters, gold and all that stuff.
not only that you have enough characters to instantly get 4 legendary characters
ik $100 is steep for any mobile game, but you can spend $100 in this game and literally only get like 4 stars.


Why would they change now? Fools spending for crap. It’s easy money for them.

But yes I wish they would change, not that I would give them one more cent ever again.


You must of missed the .99 cent token deal from a few years back :crazy_face:

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yeah because i only played for a year
but hyperdrive bundle is still a way better deal than ANYTHING scopelys offered in my time playing and with the name plagueis i assume you’re a star wars fan

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This was their plan all along, there was an article about scopely “cornering and taking over the gaming market” a few years back…its not even gaming, they’ve all but ruined the rpg genre, it’s a casino, they may as well just add an apocalyptic casino with a bookie and a slots function lol

That guy basically admitted in that article that they like to push boundaries to see how much they can get people to spend. Obviously their tactics work. If people are buying the expensive offers they have no incentive to make anything cheaper.

It’s simply my friend, they don’t have a need for it.

nobody knows that this game exists. if they knew it was a casino it would be banned. believe me if there was a voice that was not partial (link / loockdown), they would be deleted from the rpg model. The rpg needs a brain, not money. I understand the need for micro transactions in order to have profit and improvements in support and development for the game but this does not happen in twd rts .This game is not a rpg. in fact, this game was very interesting between 2015 and 2016. today twdrts is a clandestine casino, because nobody knows. you buy a game from EA build a team for the whole year, spend money for 1 year and it is already highly criticized. here you build a team for the week. the museum is ridiculously decorated with a lot of retarded people portrayed on cards that you have 1 year to claim but are mostly obsolete.

the game transforms its players. * 90% in submissive losers who accept and declare themselves F2P because they have no money and / or are not retarded. 9% (Cheater / noobs). 1% retarded and / or rich.

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