Why don’t they do this?


Why do the rarely give away any chances for Hand Crank Radios and Military Watches, they are always giving away T4 bags on tournaments every single time, but I have been waiting almost a month to get a Hand Crank Radio


i have a six pack of radios…think i might have to sell my soul for a watch…


Current Faction Level up has a Hand Crank Radio as a milestone.


I have 8 radios and 11 watches. I need GPSs.


They seriously should’ve added more events like this Easter Hunt. Except with gear we trully need.

Not adding GPSs and Water Canteers was a very, VERY messed up idea. Pratically everyone has the right amount of the right gear needed to upgrade their Legends right now, but extremely rare gear like these are way to scarce.

Either that, or make a Legendary Gear roadmap this next update, since they are going to add a “Nightmare” mode for them.


They are often in milestone rewards I have a ton of them, something like 12 raidos and 7 watches. I need t4 gear especially gps and canteens.


Lol, the only reason you have the right amount of the right gear is that you’re throttled from using it!
If you got say 2 gps and 2 canteens suddenly You’d be searching for something else.