Why doesn't scopely listen to us?

Scopely says it’s making a better game but it’s turning into a casino, chances of good characters are horrible, events that are fully paid, uncompetitive, same events. One casino games now.

They don’t care. Simple enough.


They don’t even listen their customers who feed the game with money man.
Also, even Casinos have better odds.


they only care about $$ and none of the decision makers for the game ever played past level 10. From how the game is, the dev themselves don’t have pride in the game cept the $$ sign.


The sound of money…

You see they do listen to us but as you know they want $$$$$ the first step to the ideas they stole from the community was a way to make money off it without giving back.

Don’t you know, buckets dont speak. They only spend, or take up space.

They listen, but to actions. As long as people keep buying them, things will continue as they are.

Bc in order to listen to someone you actually have to care about what they have to say. And we all know they give two shites about us! That’s been proven time after time :man_shrugging:

They didn’t even listen to the results of their own poll. That has to go down on the Scopes Wall of Shame

Scopely has there music on to loud we’re angry neighbour to them but they own our counsel house

I wouldn’t agree to this statement. No scopley is listening.
The problem here is in the understanding, scopley doesn’t understand anything when there is no money involved.
And even when they understand, they f### it up .

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Hello noobie. Please direct yourself to the lawsuit going on with scopely’s Scam Trek game.

If they don’t directly engage customers themselves like other businesses tend to do… to ensure a successful business, then really there is ur answer.

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