Why doesn’t the new collections have all the gear


Since we have had all these collections leashes and the candles and cakes there has bin no gear bags for rewards and not including the lower gear in the collection was a huge mistake so many people are held up because of this and can’t use all there trainers they are getting when handing in the candles and cakes and there roster is so packed they have to waste them or becomes locked without being able to Farm for liliths can someone from scopley please explain there thought process behind this Decision on not including the lower six*gear in the collections this time and only allowing three GPS is in three canteens? @JB.Scopely


My thoughts exactly I have pulled 5 new usable toons in the last week but I can level them past tier 2 because I have no gear


Cuz nobody wants that shit! give us GPS and CANTEENS!


Yet we all need it.


Same please add the gear to it. So at least have choice


3 gps/canteen are plenty for a 30 day event. But, I do need some tripods as I’m getting bombarded with usable blue ascendables.


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