Why doesn’t Scopely listen?

I’d really love an explanation. Why doesn’t scopely listen? @kalishane I know you try your best to make them listen, but can you please explain the big master plan? Why do they continuously try to make their players leave? Why do they continue to give us rewards that no top faction wants?Do you have ANY inside details on this? I’m dying to know what they think they are solving here. I’m dying to know why they just keep on beating us down and continue to get rid of their best players. Again, please explain @kalishane !!! And if you don’t have any answers to those questions, can you answer this for me? Why did they think 18,000 5s tokens would be good for CRW top place prize?


They lack imagination. Ability to rationalize and understand.


Cuz text is silent… the forum needs audio for them to hear. :stuck_out_tongue:



Enjoy a free weekend lol. Coiners will still coin and then be upset when they pull red Heath from tokens lol


Rewards are not terrible better than they have been

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Correction, they are right back to where they were when we started complaining then they made them worse. What justifies saying these are better when we are right back to where we were.


I really had faith in you


@spyder you really gotta explain the process of thinking from Liveops here bruhhhhhhhhhh


Because fuck customers :slight_smile:

Their Ears would start bleeding lol.

And enough cocaine


Yep thats been the top argument from Chilton’s top faction for why they coin so much in CRW lol!

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Just stop the crw then. These are regular war prizes. It’s bs to fight and coin against other top faction for this crap.


Then don’t coin then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What in the actual fu@# is wrong with them,this is it everyone,the end is here…no other possible explanation

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Lol, not terrible? They are worse than plain regional wars were over a year ago.

Still, can’t understand why anyone holds out any kind of hope the greedy bastards will change.

**And they DO NOT care about your feedback. **

Its only even asked for as a psychological smoke-screen to placate the plebs and morons that never learn.


or Caroline haha!

This is amazing, the whole point of the game is to build your team to be the best you possibly can be so you can compete in war.
Please tell me why I would want to pull for new characters, or spend in war to compete for tokens that are likely to just give fodder?
And let’s not forget if you are a third place faction and the war is between 4 regions one of those factions are gonna end 12th if not 13th then they have spent this entire weekend for around half a 5*,what incentive do they have to play?
They don’t, rewards like this are ruining this game but you know this and live ops couldn’t give two shits about it


and even more bullshit


Is it more profitable for them to just keep turning over new players?

Because there is literally nothing in the last 6 months to help out the older ones. Or acknowledge the requests or suggestions of the veterans. In fact they have done the opposite of what people have requested.

I have tried to be positive but the game has teally gone to :poop: