Why does this still happen..?


23 Day Cooldown… why is this still happening? Third level up without an xp mission…


It’s the Circle of life.


Annoying tho. Surely this should be sorted by now. No need for 23 day cool downs.


Am I missing something? That mission doesn’t help in levelups, it will give you 300 supply depot points.


Yes your missing something lol. It’s takin up a slot for 23 days.


Dude, it’s three hundred supply points. Three zero zero. Just imagine if it didn’t have a 23 day cool down it’d be absolute anarchy. People would have untold amounts of supply points. Would be game over for sure.


Not the mission, the fact that for 23 days that slot is occupado. There fore, less chances of coining YGL’s. Should have worded my opening statement better lol.


I had to.


i had to laugh at that one. THREE! ZERO! ZERO! bravo mf bravo. lol


Probs way down on the list of fixes. :flushed:



I had to…


Because you touch your self at night…

LOL. Couldn’t resist. Yeah sucks they just sit there



Here’s hoping. Sucks ass lol