Why does scopely not help?

With so many players locked out in a kill loop why does no one at scopely help? Don’t they realize the money they are losing by allowing this?

Actually read the thread, GR asked locked players to pm him to have their accounts fixed.

They don’t know how to fix, waiting for it to sort itself out

They don’t actually know how to fix it. I’ve been locked out 4x
Once for 48 hours
Twice for 8-12 hours
Once for 8 days

Every time, it eventually started working. Support had no idea what fixed it.

This is trying to login with multiple devices, not a device issue, each time it was server side.

My best guess from experience is the event you were in when you got locked out ends and it lets you back in.

If you’ve been locked out longer than 4-5 days then you’re definitely not trying hard enough to get back in. You have to be patient and persistent with support. Most likely the first rep you get won’t be able to fix the issue. It’s also RNG if you get a decent rep or not. Maybe that’s a good thing considering the current state?

I agree ot I was locked out for more than 24hours they would be getting non stop complaints from me until it was fixed.

Dude you have no idea how many times I messaged them. And for getting screwed out of redeeming everything from pathways, I got… 1 of each type of can.

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