Why does pete still pop?

So its happened a couple of times in arenas and war. Turn 2 I taunt 3 with princess, pete gets taunted. I’m up against princess, pete, aarav, priya, and kapoor. Princess, priya and pete are taunted. I kill aarav same turn they are taunted. Next turn, pete revives aarav. This has happened on multiple occasions. Obviously someone is going to say “send in video”. Im sorry. I dont set my game to record before every battle just in case something might glitch.


It happens to me once every 3-4 weeks. The bug is real that is for sure.


Taunt resist or focus?

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They’ve been taunted. The symbol pops. Been playing this game for a while. I know when something is off. Checked his weapon after it happened the second time. No stun & focus 2. He had his 20hp weapon.

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So far the few times I’ve noticed this happen Pete has a cleanse weapon and has removed the taunt at the start of his turn


Not necessarily cleanse, what I do notice lately is; if Erin is in a team with Pete and her concentration pops up, Pete can do what he wants. Doesn’t matter if he has been taunted the round before. @Opie Last weekend‘s war this happened quite a lot.

Your best chance of recreating this bug is to set up a the same defense with your own toons and do a friendly duel against yourself and make a recording. If you can’t replicate the bug in a friendly then that at least helps narrow down that the bug doesn’t exist in friendly duels.

I know that alot of people have experienced this bug but until someone can capture this on video or takes the time to recreate this bug then the bug will continue to live on lol.

Focus over-rides taunt but doesn’t remove it. The description even calls out a taunted toon can still do what it likes

It doesn’t say anywhere that focus (concentration) can simply override just applied status effects, at least it doesn’t mention anything in my game translation. But all this doesn’t really bother me when this happens.

You’d think for the amount of people complaining about this bug someone would be able to replicate it for a video.

It won’t get looked at until someone does.


So I looked it up in the game:

Characters under the effect of Focus cannot be forced to auto attack if affected by Taunt or Confuse They are also able to target any fighter under a Human Shield specialist’s shield and any walker with the Hidden Effect. Player controlled Focused characters will display a blue ring glow around their character portrait.

So basically as long as Focus gets applied (whether it is before or after Taunt or Confuse) they won’t auto attack. Once Foucs runs out and if there is still taunt of confuse on the toon then that toon would go back to auto attacking.

I should be working right now…but I can’t Focus (see what i did there :laughing:) and would rather nerd out on game mechanics lol.


It still doesn’t say that it simply overrides previous applied effects.

Okay how do you open that lil tab ahahaha

@Goons You can find it below your battle items button (lower right corner) during a raid or when running a map.

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Had this happened 3 or 4 times over maybe the last month. Checked for the usual, focus cleanse etc. and nothing. Can’t remember anything about the circumstances that could trigger it. Happened in war for certain, maybe raids too.

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Because the effect is still there, meaning that once the focus ends if the effect is still there theyll still be under it. Focus just ignores those effects really

Erh, yes it does “cannot be forced to auto attack if affected by taunt” - that is exactly what it means

Yes sure, when you apply focus and for the rounds it lasts but nowhere it says if you taunt somebody and the character gets focus the next round by another, the taunt effect is gone.

The effect isn’t gone it just doesn’t apply as thatdude says. Focus will needed to have been applied the previous turn as otherwise the toon would have already attacked as auto attack under taunt happens before you get to choose actions.