Why Does No One Use Spencer?


In today’s meta, you’d think that you would see a lot more Spencers. In fact, I think that Spencer is better than the very popular Mirabelle. He can 1-shot and lowers defense.


Who said nobody uses him?


Not literally of course, but in the region I’m in I probably see only 1 Spencer per every 500 raids.


Don’t actually see him very often myself tbh.

Thing is, he’s not been widely available so many don’t have him & those that do probably also have Garrett or Erika so don’t need his leader skill.


Because good attack toons and good defence toons are not the same thing?

Michonne isn’t that great on defence, so you hardly see her. But I suspect most who have her will run her in most attack teams.


But how often you’ve seen Tyreese on defense? A lot right?


Because people expect to be raided with a revive or whatever the case is (talking about the comment above)


Yes, but the kind of people running Tyreese aren’t the kind of people who have Spencer.


How easy is it to get Mira and Ty, compared to how easy it is to get Spencer? That’s why.


He should be added to the 4 star ascended list


He was widely used in last CRW by Russian teams I faced. Where do you use Spence - def or att? He also seems to me as better version of Mira.


I try to use him. His AR can take out some alert and the -60% def is handy, but no way can anyone defend with him. He’s to weak. When I use him on attack, against yellows he goes down after about 3 hits, even with def mods


Well that’s the case with all blues very simple don’t uses blues vs yellows


Spencer + aiko = 3 dead


Well, he isn’t exactly common… he’s really only been in promos stashes offers year 3 tokens and lucky tokens i think…

The f2p dont have that high of a chance to get him and the p2w have better characters to use


F2p ppl could get him he was prize for first place in crw awhile back


I personally use Spenc against most teams and i love him better than Mira.
There aren’t also many yellow def teams who really hurt more used on timeout teams.


lol that made me chuckle :slight_smile:


@anon14731145 @Dennis.menace

You know you can’t always tell what’s behind a lead yanno haha


I might have to try him out as scopely kindly gave me three of him from 3yr tokens lol