Why does mercer

Why is sclass mercer recovering all penalties? It should only do 3

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Make an absolutely OP character, and spenders won’t stop spending until they get it. And after they spent to get it, they spend to level it, and get bragging rights. I can’t imagine why these poor fools think it’s a good idea spending hundreds of $ in a stupid blob of OP pixels, but it’s their life and their money.
Next day after it was released, a few people in my region already had it. I can only imagine.

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They are working on getting all the strike spenders back into spending i would say at least 75 percent that said would not spend still spend. The spenders are the silent ones though you more than likely will never hear from them.

He shouldn’t be that op though if he didn’t cure all penalties which he’s not suppose to he only delays a beating by 1 turn

Bleed burn and maim is all he can do with his active but it’s curing impair

Ok this is weird it only happens against 1 person…

If it’s only happening against one person can you record it?

Hey there are you able to record this? Feel free to pm here or on line “Linkesus.”

Next time I see him I’ll record it happen no other toon he has is capable of curing impair

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