Why does in game support insist this is normal?


So i know a few people are having the same issue here as i.
Yet when you contact support you get that happy reply.
"Sorry but there is nothing wrong"
"It refreshes every 24hrs you just have to wait for it to refresh"
"We understand you feel this is unfair and it seems you are not getting the response you are looking for"

Every day since the last crw my survival road depot has been stuck.
The items that have changed randomly from the very moment the survival road depot was introduced no longer change.
The sale is still random (yippy something still works)
The items are stuck.
I have sent screen shot after screen shot.
Response has always been one of the 3.
Sometimes i even get the "the sale is random we see it has changed nothing appears to be wrong"
Which point i cry…
I wonder do they even read what i wrote…
Probably not.
If they did i would not have a lot of very generic responses from the support team covering everything except the issue at hand.

Why is this a big deal?
I would love to be able to use my supply points to purchase a Aden that appears every now and then.
Sigh double sigh…
due to the fact that my depot is frozen in time i will never see Adens face.
That means i wont be able to lvl any a.r. skills for a 6 star unless i have the luck of farming for a lilith be it by tourny reward or finding her in some random stage…
Oh wait i could always spend 100$ for 2 lilith and some junk…

That seems like a great deal…cough clears throat
But i should not have to.
I should be able to enjoy the exact same game many others are playing.
I should have the same opportunity to get a Aden in my depot as any one else.

So please stop giving me generic responses and fix my game.

Thank you


What are you trying to buy in there?


If my depot would ever change i would purchase a aden trainer.
But it is stuck on these items
No more jesus no more zeke
Just doctor

No more aden
Just a 3 star trainer 4 ever…

No more jesus gun.
Just zekes cane


Better to save than waste 60k on an aden or 80k on that gun. Should get fixed in a future update
I understand your frustration though
Keep surviving’


Only thing useful in there for me is a aden.
A simple way to lvl up a 6stars ar
I honestly dont need anything else.
But it has been broken and i wish it to be fixed