Why does everyone complain?


Scopely and associates can only do as much as they can, don’t give them an even harder time. They’re doing as much as they can, it’s a job for them! Not a hobby!




Join bulloch region, the most legit region in the game. If you complain about cheaters than just fucking leave


I completely agree. But look at condoms for example, Sue them. You don’t need to reproduce


I thought that, like most of us, you would’t have enough patience to forgive what Scopely has done to us up until now, dear friend…


Join reality, then you would understand why everyone is complaining.


Oh trust me I’ve been screwed. Just not a baby about it


I’ve been there. Just not a baby about it


Cool, I’m not a rollover boot-licker, but I hope you have a nice day :smiley:


Good to know. We could go along pretty well, even though I might be lying about not complaining.

Sometimes it’s just unacceptable…


It’s perfectly fine to complain about legitimate issues if they’ve invested time or money into a product. It’s funny when they complain about non-legitimate issues or offer no real solution to the problem.


The one person who is sane.


can’t agree more.


You have a point there.





Yay flagged again lol


Well said and the customer is always right, something they never seem to get. And also this guy either works for them or he is looking for some freebies.


Why you ask?

Because its easy to do. And we want change.

You see, im a day one player. I have watched the game change, evolve, get better, get worse and now…get completely ruined.

So why do we complain, because Scopely broke a game we loved. Tore it apart and shoved it in the trash.

Thats why.


LOL! :joy:


I am not a day one player. But with change (preferably applications) comes a HUGE responsibility. But I agree with all of you, it’s hard to sit here and play a game you’ve spent numerous hours on, let alone hard earned money! My apologies to whoever was offended by this post.