Why does autofill always fail to build the right teams?


Lets talk about the games inability to build the right teams aka autofill. During the survival road tournaments for instance this feature just wastes more time then you building your teams manually. Say i am on a zombie stage for instance pressing autofill makes a team with a leader that has no leader skill and puts the wrong weapons on my chars :joy::rofl:. If i am on a human stage it does exactly the same. I just can not understand how such a simple thing clearly can not build a proper team?. If it can not build the right teams why even have such a useless feature?.



Because a lot of what constitutes a good team is subjective and beyond the realms of AI programming?

What frustrates me more is that SR has a limited number of “flavours” (different levels with certain enemy types and restrictions) so it should remember the last team you used on that particular flavour of level, not just the team from the last level. I spend more time in SR setting up a team for each level, then I do actually completing levels.

Personally I’d prefer that over a more intelligent auto pick


So we have to pay slightly more attention as we progress, not a big issue as it’s minimal time spent. At least there is an auto fill and auto atk button. Without them I prolly wouldn’t have kept playing this game.


It’s really just a few toons, a crit leader and toons with crit AR or Carl,mirabele with the same support teams. Always a guardian toon and a toon to heal impair/stun as needed. Just takes a few seconds.


All the auto fill does is put your 5 strongest toons in order of strength. This was made so you could see your top 5 seeing as that’s how generals used to be selected.