Why do you never consider Euro players with the war start time?


@kalishane why is it that all useless events like the 30 solo level ups we have a month start at a reasonable time in the euro zones (normally about 7pm)! But war as always will be starting at 2am or later! It’s absolutely ridiculous. You don’t vary this it is every war. You really need to consider all players and vary all event start times as this game is played world wide!


And always ends 6am-8am. Mix it up Scopely ffs


I think the end is worse than the beginning, if your not gonna pull an all nighter you have to leave it to your faction, doesn’t look good for a co-leader but I have a job and kids so what can I do. Thought it wouldn’t be to hard to alternate, every second one maybe. Wait now for all the Americans to jump on this and say well scopely is an American company. Bla bla bla.lol.


…and TWD is based in America and why haven’t we got a Thanksgiving event. What do you mean Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James and Tom Payne are English?
Walking Dead: The Alien is based in Barcelona and Scopely get their revenue from a variety of countries and time zones - that ‘Scopely is an American company’ argument always appears particularly weak.


Blizzard & WoW. realms have different time zones for different location in world even in US so it can be done if you want to.


The American company accepts Europian currency just like USD so we might expect to be treated fair.


If it‘s launched world-wide I would. I‘m not from UK, though.


The easier answer would be to create EU servers and Asia Servers?


No there isn’t any need to do that. The easy answer to just to vary war start times and finish times. Instead of having a set 3 hour window they start or end in.


This is brought up – but in all honestly we have players all around the world and nothing we run is automatic, it’s all manual.

Someone has to be up to flip the switch – and then, if a serious bug or issue happens - the team has to be awake to be there to help. If they’re not – nightmares.

Change war start times sometimes

but a 2am start for europe, is a 5pm on a friday start for scopely time… im not fully aware of your work schedules, but last thing on a Friday evening doesn’t seem ideal to start an event that can have nightmare-ish bugs that people need to be awake for… what about starting at 1pm scopely time, and thats 8pm europe? fyi, thats how it used to be at the start, then it got later and later.


True that, but war starts at 4 PM in California and Vancouver where Scopely and IUGO sit. If you start it lets say from 8-12 AM you should also be there at the officer and also consider europe sometimes.

We dont ask you to consider europe everytime, but sometimes is cool tho. Asia complains about the same. 1 PM UTC is the time most ppl is awake around the world;)

Europe gets the short end allmost everytime. Worst is those odd duration timers that completly affects certain regions in a negative way.

Imo no tourny should have longer or shorter duration then 24 or 48 hours, as any other number makes it unfair for all other regions then USA and thereabout.


But you start every other event earlier but not war. Please explain the logic?


If there’s a weekend event there should be a weekend schedule of people being on 24/7 to monitor the event. Shift work isn’t a new concept @kalishane. If euro zone and asian Pacific players are expected to pay the same prices why should we be constantly short changed in service and game experience?


Why would we get a thanksgiving event ?!?


Oh! War needs a bit more prep time because it’s an event we adjust constantly to improve things. Adding new things, such as Faction Assault, for example – can lead to bugs and issues – like the crashes we are seeing.

War needs more time to prep and we have to be in the office for that prep too.


What things are adjusted, out of curiosity?


Listen she said it’s tough. Give up. :joy:


Ok, I get that and nobody wants to see a ‘Wendy’ debacle again. Fair enough I think.


Because we always do and we are going to again this year because Scopely are very US centric.