Why do you hate me Scopely?

  1. During territory event today we got the territory we wanted to 6000, we had 20 teams in then it kicked us all out and reset the territory back to 10,000. I wasted territory 2 territory refills because of that.

  2. So I read through all the info on Michonne event, I kinda understand how this works. The balloon one opens every 8 hours, the A map opens ever 2 hours and the X opens in 3 days, every 4 hours.

Nowhere did it say that after spending 10 balloons opening map A and using a refill that it would close at 13 minutes and open map B.

I wasted 10 balloons and an energy refill.

  1. I never got my stun gun from linking to Facebook.

Why do you hate me Scopely?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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The stun gun? I haven’t seen it. Already linked gotta wait up to a week to receive it.

What’s this about a free stun gun?

Got facebook. Time to link :slight_smile:

I wonder which Michonne is the free one

Same problem with balloon map. Should waste another refill and ten balloons on another glitch, nah. Scope fix it than notify me than i retry. Also I’m going to be needing my full refund.!!

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