Why do we still need waves after woc?

This really sucks and make no sense, why corner us like this? Are we a sheep herd or something? No wonder why factions find it hard to recruit nowadays


Sheep… Maybe, but I think I would have gone with dairy cows, herd us around to be milked.

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I kinda wish every whale will just leave my region and I’ll sit there and take solo prizes with no effort.


Though the milk will slide right through our holey buckets…


I also want that

Easy peasy just hord RIngs after u hit 3M, every 20 rings gets u 1 M pts

I think there should be two waves… one for 8v8 war and one for 6v6 war. There is absolutely no need for wave 2 and wave 3.

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Abs true, guess their fav entertainment is to piss us off

What they need to do is create a bunch of whale habitat regions and by that, I mean place quadruple the rewards in for every event, solo and faction to entice them to go there. Same with war and make it 8x8 every time and 6x6 everywhere else. Why do this?

Because logic would dictate that if the rewards are better for finishing top 10 as a faction and top 100 for solos and worse for 1st or top 100 in a non-habitat region they won’t want to stay just to dominate over the f2p there.

Thus the f2p and small spenders. which they obviously don’t care about, can actually have a decent and competitive gaming experience amoung themselves whale free.


Why get 3mil when I can win with 100k, duh

100k In my region will get u #2335 lol

That’s why I said I wish people left my region so I can win without using resources.

Maybe not 100k, but like 1mil

That’s y I told u, can stay and hit #1 using rings

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