Why do we need to stick with a 6v6 CRW?

As the title says, I don’t see why we should be forced to do a 6v6 war when we used to run an 8v8 war. While it has its pros and cons, those in an active faction are forced to gawk at our members that got into the que.
Simply frustrating.

An explanation would be nice @ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely


6v6 sucks


We know it will supposedly be 8v8 in 1a next crw and the explanation is the game is dying. They wont say it but its obvious

We can all just put 8v8 in wave 1 regions since activity is high.

Now I will say milestones need adjusting as wars are lasting way longer than they used to be.

Not only your faction but also the majority of other factions needs to be highly active as well. Otherwise you’ll just fill in fast only to keep “searching” for several minutes.

The game is in decline, so pick your poison:

  • transfer to wave 1a
  • ask Scopely to make in 8v8 for everyone and face longer search times
  • quit
  • suck it up and continue playing

Option “make it like it used to be” is no longer present.


Scopely wants money 6 vs 6 match more expensive and less chance to get cans.


Fair point. At this point in time, everything’s :man_shrugging:. We have no idea where the game stands and their rationale for things.

Bro just get over it. 6 vs 6 fills faster and it’s not like your gonna get the top rewards.

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oh… im sure 4v4 fills even faster

Because I like it, move to region A for 8v8,


I see it 2 ways, stronger more active factions should be in Wave 1 regions and you can have your 8v8, weaker not as active factions are happy with 6v6 imo🤷🏼‍♂️


Might as well go for 1v1 wars while we’re at it.

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But what about average active factions? I’m not in the strongest faction, but a very active one. We lose wars against factions behind us in leaderboard but we’re ahead because we’re more active then them.

Honestly I’m just looking at it from a selfish perspective, I totally understand a lot of factions fill instantly🤗

I don’t understand the complaints… There is an actual way for those who don’t like 6vs6 to sort the problem out themselves that has been mentioned above - just move to a Wave 1a region.
Boom, problem sorted. Don’t like 6vs6? Then don’t play in a 6vs6 region. We don’t like 8vs8 so we moved out of an 8vs8 region. It really is that simple.

Worth mentioning before somebody else does - it’s 8vs8 in the next round of transfers, which is why you aren’t seeing it now.


You nailed it. I have no sympathies for these not-quite whale factions who want to stay in dead and or mostly f2p regions in order to dominate and snatch up all the rewards.

Scipley said the 1A regions would be 8x8 and it would be 6x6 everywhere else yet you didn’t move so you have no one else to blame but yourself. Are you too scared to move to the 1A regions because you dread actual true competition?

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It’s not so black and white. Being an active faction, doesn’t have anything to do with being a whale faction. The choice is lose-lose for active mid-ranked factions. They either go 1A and have no hope against whale factions or go 1B and get stuck with 6v6. They should make all wave 1 regions 8v8, with 1A trying to qualify for WOC, and 1B the people who want 8v8 but not WOC.

The people wanting 6v6 can be on wave 2 and 3, with a lower prize bracket. I have no sympathy for people who want 6v6 because it is more convenient and less effort for them, but expect the same prizes as people fighting 8v8, with “true competition”, as you put it. That’s the lazy man’s real option imo.


I’ve had enough moving around. ToC killed my participation days. I’ll like to sit in my region and just play lol.

The absolute goddamned truth