Why do we keeping hearing the statement "we are behind on toons"


But you make new 6* promo after promo after promo after promo.

Ericka, Madison, Viktor, Wyatt, Alpha, Beta, Hershel, Negan, Jeremiah, etc etc etc.


Then war rewards are junk, no ascendable 6* AGAIN, then I hear “itll destroy the balance, well give out something worth someones time then gps, canteen, if you gonna force a 5* dont give me utter trash.”

You never gave out 4s for a war prize when 5s are what mattered so please stop treating us like this.

YOURE BEHIND BECAUSE YOU WANNA BE. No other reason. If players had random 5* to become a 6* some would roll some wouldn’t but youd have a better base for knowing it isnt only a profit situation.

Give the player base a valid reason for why youre so far behind. Please.

Youre so far behind on toons but I bet you have a brand new shiny 6* promo this war weekend.



I wanna cuss and go nuts on this post…but im keeping it at a 5 instead of a 10.

What do we have to do to get the “team” to listen seriously this is outta hand. Extremely outta hand.

Ill edit this post to however it must be edited to remain a post, but I’m tired of being jerked around I wanna know a valid reason as to why. I won’t stop until you give us the players an answer.

Put yourself in our shoes: If the only way to compete is 6*s, the only way to obtain them is pure luck from pulls, or spending money on pulls. Yet all competition phases of the game offer NO 6**s so whats the point of faction events what is the point of the game? What about free to play, what about average people. Seriously. Its crazy.


Business before developing simple as that, priorities.

I for one can not WAIT to war in CRW for EXCLUSIVE FODDER SPENCER!!!

One Spencer to Rule them All.


100% agree. And stop hoarding the ulissys and Lilith why spend when we can’t use the crap we spend for.


I don’t even understand what they mean by behind? They already have all those old toons developed into 6*s, @kalishane has provided their cards, so i don’t get what the hold up is? This really isn’t rockets science, or is it?


I dont think they card came from her, in fact, she seems to dodge those toons whenever they are mentioned


Everything is driven by profit at this point. As players stop spending, they will (or already have) re-assigned staff to other profit centers. This increases pressure on existing staff to focus on extracting as much revenue from the game as possible. Hence, breaking of promise about 6*s being sold, lack of gear maps, lack of high tier gear, nerfing of war can drops, repeat tournaments with same exact rewards. There might be temporary improvements, but just like most long-time regions, the game is entering downward trend in growth and engagement. Unfortunately, its Scopely’s actions will speed up its decline.


She made the post and sanctioned others to place the cards in the replies and she added them to her original post


Everything can be done for profit.


It’s the old Disney Vault strategy, restrict supply and it drives up demand (aka value) of each one. If they rush out too quickly, people wont spend.

Game enjoyment VS profit


It would honestly help you all in the long run if you checked the Dev Tracker.

I talked about these.

They don’t fit in with the current meta we are working on so they most likely won’t be released for a bit.


How long should we wait…we wait and wait and wait…maybe in two years?


Are they still going to all be released by early 2018? You’ve got to understand the sense that a lot of the community is getting is that we were told these toons would be coming out at a reasonable pace. When they didn’t, we were told scopely was running behind and didn’t have any ready. Now we are being told they are ready, but scopely doesn’t want to put them in the game yet. I would totally understand this if some of these characters were game breaking, like Priya with 6* stats, but none of them are. They’re mostly average toons, with different narrow utility, none are game breaking at all.


Be careful early 18 means the first Q meaning until after March…so they can string us along for a while til then.

Current meta must be sacred because currently its a question of can I wait 4 months for 1 old ascendable 5*. The answer is no.


Not all of us, I’m stepping off this crazy train soon.


I’m interested to see where it heads as well!

We have a new designer who has been playing since the beginning and he’s very excited to be here.

I’ll have a bit more insight tomorrow once I have a meeting 1:1 with him.

This is another reason why things are a bit slower, there’s a lot of movement on the team over the past 3 months. A few new team members who have played the game since the beginning and have been in the games industry for a while – excited to work with them!

It’s just taking time to ramp everyone up! :slight_smile:


If they don’t fit in the meta then why were they made? Seems like wasted effort for no return and the fact that we have already seen them and assume them to be ready to go just makes everyone mad. The effort that went into those could have gone into ones that you could have actually released and avoided this issue.


I mean no level of disrespect but one previously created character a month doesn’t seem unreasonable.


She lost me a long time ago, I am glad others a finally seeing through the smoke and mirrors.


This goes back to the perception of a lack of foresight. In my field, the last thing I would do would be start a project of upgrading every system installed by my company when I didn’t have the manpower and ability to do it in a timely and organized fashion. Launching a massive project(6*) without having employees trained up and able to contribute is something that should automatically be seen as a bad idea, no matter the product or service being offered. This would be somewhat understandable if scopely’s hand was being forced by an outside factor(in my profession a massive shortage of legacy parts, requiring an abundance of upgrades would be an example of this), but scopely isn’t in that position. They could’ve delayed the launch of ascendence until the first of the year, had months to develop characters, released with greater variety, and had an abundance of characters already completed, so staffing issues would have a buffer.

It just seems like a constant stream of bad decisions that end up hurting the customer and driving people away.


I like this thought, even with that if they wanted they could have released the 5* versions of the currently released 6* and then launched their 6* at a more organized launch if they wanted to do it how they did.