Why do these forums use so many trackers? - Now with added doggos


I use Firefox focus on Android, it has a block tracker feature, it also tells you how many times a site tries to employ trackers, here it was 4 times. It’s a low number yes compared to Yahoo at 186 and Facebook at 100+, but why here in the forums? What are you trying to collect?



here’s the other


And my special baby she warned my cold dead heart when someone dumped her a few years ago .


Most likely geolocating you scopley nsa lol :smirk: also great dogs!! :grin:


Theres a cute doggo!!!


Better pic of the girl in my profile pic


Last one about my dogs this was them not wanting to get out of bed.



Awwwwwwww… Sleepy puppies…


Came here to read something and got loads of cute dog photos instead.


Yeah I got sidetracked. :paw_prints: But it would be nice to know what the 4 trackers are for. Are they selling our info?


Oh my god! Look at the puppy cuteness!

But yes, I would Iike to know what and why their tracking.


Well, this thread took a wrong turn fast :slight_smile:

Please rename this to “the doggy picture thread” pls…


I came for the doggos, stayed to look at doggos, didn’t read the main thread.


Doggos are best for everything.